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Embalming is best summarised to achieve the following objectives (PPP)
P = Preservation
P = Prevention
P = Protection

We strongly feel that the Embalming procedure is the most important part of the funeral ritual. Embalming takes place in a special tailored room known as a mortuary. The floors and walls and specially lined with vinyl (floors) and white rock cladding (walls). All the equipment in the mortuary is also stainless steel for hygiene (cleaning) purposes.

All Embalming waste is removed by Initial who are our licenced contractors who remove & incinerate the waste and issue us certification (proof) when the disposal has been correctly dealt with (Public Health Interests).
For the bereaved family, we will present for viewing the deceased person looking as natural as possible. For the family, the sight of their loved one looking at peace without any sign of distress is a considerable help in the grieving process and it is the hallmark of a good funeral director / embalmer.

Our family practice abide by the code of conduct of the Professional Embalmers Association of Ireland as follows:
1)- Commitment to the family
2)- Commitment for the care of the deceased
3)- Commitment to the public
4)- Commitment to the government
5)- Commitment to the Professional Embalmer’s Association of Ireland (PEAI)


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