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Facility & Vehicles

At our facility at Gorry, we have an Arrangement Office / Coffin & Casket display room / Full Fitted Mortuary for the Embalmng and sheds for the hearse & private ambulance.

In Ireland we are unique in how we respect the dead and bring the deceased home to their house for the ‘Wake’. We would view the repose of the deceased at home as a first option for a family as they get the precious time to spend with their loved one. In Ireland, bed side to grave side is typically 4 days. The extra time and the family time at the family home is where the acceptance process begins, where the family can talk & pray to their loved one.

We are mindful of the fact that in not having a funeral home available immediately,  we are not catering for families where the family home may not be suitable, for a range of different reasons. We are currently procuring a funeral home. 

Office: 090 65 02951
Mob: 087 905 1687