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A Funeral cost is broken into two parts:

1)- Funeral Director’s Services (see listed below) – Typically this would be approximately €4,200 inclusive of a solid timber coffin for burial.

A cremation service would typically be €3,500 which would include the cremation costs (Crematorium fee) & Urn.

2)- Disbursements (payments by the funeral director on behalf of the family – when consent is confirmed at the arrangement) – (See listed below) – Typically this would be approximately €1,300 (note, items that would not apply to a Cremation service) and receipts given to the family.

Collecting of the deceased from the home / nursing home / hospital

Embalming of the deceased in our mortuary

Prepare the deceased for viewing following the embalming procedure (Dress / cosmetics)

Coffin or Casket

Grave marker

Advertise the death on the web site

Organise the opening up of a new / existing grave

Organise the funeral mass ceremony with the clergy

Transport to house for repose

Books of condolences / Collection safes for donations to charities etc …

Have a full time presence at the funeral for repose to meet people and ‘people manage / co-ordinate’ the funeral in a professional manner

Ensure safe egress for people to pay their sympathies (safety signage on roads to alert motorists / directional signs / warning flashing lights)

Transport (hearse) to the Church for mass

Transport (hearse) to the Grave / Crematorium

Payments on behalf of the family that are later reimbursed (Receipts given to family)

– Death notice in News Paper (typical cost is €200)
– Payment to local authority for purchase / opening of grave (typical cost €350 to €900)
– Payment to clergy (typical payment is €200 – note, no receipt available)
– Payment to Singer / Music at Ceremony (typical cost is €200)
– Family flowers (ranges – typically €100 ‘+’)

Grants & Other Financial Payments to assist with funeral costs are outlined below. In addition to the links below for assistance, a family should also note that if a deceased person was in receipt of the old age pension, 6 weeks after their death payments are made with the intension of the monies to go towards their funeral expenses.
All families should pay particular attention to the benefits the Credit Union can offer to its members and payments made towards the funeral cost where one of their members passes on.

Athlone Credit Union – Death Benefit Insurance of €1300 is paid towards funeral expenses in the event of a credit union members untimely death (subject to maintaining a minimum balance of €100. Members must have joined before the age of 70 to qualify).

Additionally, if the deceased had a credit union account and had completed a valid Nomination Form, when opening the account, nominating someone as next of kin, the proceeds of the account up to a maximum of €23,000 go to the person or persons nominated on the form. They do not form part of the deceased’s estate. The balance of the account forms part of the deceased’s estate and is distributed in accordance with succession law.
This Grant is no longer available for deaths that occurred after 31st. December 2013.

Death Assistance Grant (from €850)

The payment of this grant is discretionary and may be means tested. It is applicable mainly to those receiving Social Welfare payments of one form or or another, including pensions. Application forms are available from your local Health Board Office and must be accompanied by the Funeral Invoice in the applicant’s name. The Community Welfare Office decides if the full grants or part of it will be paid.

Widowed Parent Grant (€6000)

This is available where a death occurs of a parent with dependent children (under 18 or over if in full-time education). The Grant is paid when the widowed parent applies for the widow/widowers pension.

Occupational Injuries Scheme (€850)

If a death is work related or as a result of a prescribed illness a Funeral Grant may be paid under the occupational injuries scheme.—Death-Benefit.aspx

Social Welfare

If a spouse or partner dies while they are receiving a Social Welfare payment such as the state pension, unemployment benefit, disability benefit etc., payments will continue to be made for 6 weeks after the death. The local Social Welfare Officer can supply more details.

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