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Professional Services

Ollie Fallon & Sons will assist you with every aspect of the funeral services you wish for your loved one. This is a time for a family to reflect on the life of the deceased; we will assist, co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of the funeral services you wish to have in place.
On first contact, we will collect the deceased (home / nursing home / hospital etc …) in our private ambulance and take into our care.
We will co-ordinate and oversee all of the funeral arrangements and keep matters simplified for the family.
Additionally, we will ensure your loved one is returned to your family without delay regardless of what time the call is made (24 Hour service). This is the benefit of engaging with Funeral Directors who are also Professional Embalmers. Typically, 3-4 hours on removal of your loved one into our care, we can return them to your family.

On your behalf, we will liaise with the following:

1)- Medical practitioner – Consent has to be given by the Doctor to remove the deceased (legally) and confirmation is required that the Doctor will be issuing the relevant paperwork and no further medical examinations are required such as a post mortem if the death was un-expected (the legal document required from the doctor is called the Medical Certificate for Cause of Death).
2)- Clergy – we will liaise with the relevant clergy or other non-religious personnel as per the deceased’s / family wishes.
3)- Cemetery / Crematorium – we will make contact with the relevant authorities and sure the prescribed arrangements.
4)- Press – we will assist you in wording and issue the notification.
5)- Flowers – we can arrange fresh flowers from local suppliers such as Dooley Flowers.
6)- Music – we can make arrangement for any type of church (or other) type of music as required by the family.

Burial Or Cremation

Burial, if the deceased / family choose burial we can take care of all the necessary arrangements to include a new grave or opening of an existing plot.
Graves that are privately owned (Church), the friends & neighbours of the deceased can open / dig the grave themselves or we can arrange for our grave diggers to open the graves. Local Authority (Council) owned graves can be more restricted and tend to open / dig their graves themselves. For Health & Safety reasons we foresee all Council graves will only allow their direct personnel to open graves. Grave openings can be extremely dangerous and is not advised unless you have specific training in deep excavation works.
Cremation is becoming very popular choice in Ireland. In an hour and a half (approx.) the deceased is turned into dust.
People usually scatter their loved one’s ashes in the deceased favourite place or some people bury their ashes (internment). Some people also retain their ashes until both parents are deceased and then mix the ashes together for burial (internment) or scattering.

Ollie Fallon worked in Lakelands Funeral Home & Crematorium. Ollie Fallon & Sons would have high regard to the professional services offered by the staff at this state of the art facility

Embalming/Care of the Deceased

As part of our commitment to the care of the deceased, we offer and highly recommend the service of embalming. We view embalming as the most important part of the funeral service.


We have an extensive range of coffins / caskets at our viewing rooms at Gorry Na Gowna (Athlone). We also stock urns and keepsakes for people who choose cremation.

A family who do not wish to go to the coffin viewing room can choose from a catalogue or we can give guidance on the most common type coffin / casket used.

A full selection of our coffins on the Coffin / Casket section.

Repatriation Services

Repatriation means where a death has occurred abroad and the deceased is to be brought back to Ireland for the funeral service or a person dies in Ireland and is to be sent back to their homeland. At Ollie Fallon & Sons, we will cater for the full arrangements to be made for the repatriation to be done as quickly as possible.

We will arrange all the necessary paperwork and ensure that all legal requirements have been adhered to (including embalming (where we are charged for repatriation a deceased from Ireland to another Country) of the deceased – this a ‘Legal Requirement’).

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